Beer is a very common drink around the world. However, not all beers are 100% alike. Here are some of the different types of beer around the world.

Pale Lagers

Pale Lagers gained popularity even before people knew different types of beers. They are the most common type of beer in the world. Pale Lagers are brewed to be clean, crisp, and light. Budweiser, Victoria Bitter, Perini, Asahi, Stella Artois, and Heineken are some common examples of the Pale Lagers.


This is an upgrade of Pale Lager. Pilsner started being recognized in Plzen, Czech Republic. It is produced when Pale Lager was mixed with Saaz, which is a stronger type of hop. Pilsner is now popular around the world and is drunk by a large percentage of beer lovers.

Dark Lagers

This type of beer is very common in Germany. It is also referred to as Dunkel beer. As the name suggests, Dark Lagers are dark in color. The dark color in this beer is caused by the roasted grains in the malting process. Beer factories often roast grains for a long period to give the beer a darker color.

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