Every beer lover should be familiar with the many different types of beer, which vary in flavors, aromas, and the way they are brewed. Here are some popular types of drinks that every beer lover should know.

Pale Ale

This beer is very common among Americans and Australians. The drink has rich flavors. Pale ale is categorized as a craft beer. Its ease of consumption has made it very popular among beer drinkers around the world.

Indian Pale Ale

This beer is largely loved by beer consumers. It is an amazing bitter taste that makes one desire more. It also has a flavor of the hop.

Stout and Porter

Both of these drinks have a very dark color which is almost black. They also have an amazing aroma when compared to other types of beers. Stout and Porter have a rich flavor which might make one drink a lot. Porter has a light, sweet taste while stout has a creamy flavor.

English Bitter Ale

This type of beer is known for its great flavor and rich color. It is a very common drink in the world. All English bartenders are familiar with the English Bitter Ale.

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