Beer is one jolly popular drink in all corners of the world. The drink is often used as a refreshment. Almost every country in the world produces beer. Have you ever wondered what are the most popular beer producing countries in the world? Here is a list of those nations, some of which are more than likely to surprise you!


China is the leading beer-producing country in the world. Yes, you read that right. The Asian giant has been producing beer since several centuries ago. The country produces about 46.5 million kiloliters per year to serve its large beer-drinking population. China produces beer for both local and international consumers. Some of their loved drinks are China’s Snow Beer, Budweiser, and Rice Lager.

United States

The United States produces more than 20 kiloliters of beer every year. The country has over 3000 breweries. These breweries produce beer for both local and international consumers. America is the sixth-largest beer exporter in the world. The United States also ranks among the top beer consuming countries in the world, with about 80 percent of the alcohol taken in the United States being beer.


Brazil produces more than 10 million kiloliters of beer every year. They started making beer in the 1800s, having learned the skill from German immigrants. Pilsner is the most loved beer by drinkers in Brazil.


Germany has been making beer since the middle ages. Beer was often made by monks then. Germany is now the fourth-largest beer-producing country in the world. They make some of the most popular and loved beers around the world. The country is a great beer exporter and makes around 10 percent of the beer consumed in the world. There are about 1,300 breweries in Germany.


Russia classified beer as alcohol in 2013. It was, before then, referred to as a soft drink. Russia still produces about 10 kiloliters of beer annually. It is estimated that every person in Russia consumes about 70 liters of beer annually. Beer in Russia is classified according to color.


Mexico has an annual production of about 8 million kiloliters of beer. Grupo Modelo and FEMSA are the most popular beer companies in Mexico. They picked up their beer processing skills from the Germans in the 1800s.

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