Millions of people around the world over drink beer. To celebrate this drink, many cities in the world have regular festivals where people come together and enjoy pints for days. Beer festivals are held globally and they record high attendance. In these events, there is a wide variety of beer flavors offered. Beer festivals date from way back in the 19th century and have gained so much popularity over the years. Beer lovers travel for long distances to experience amusing festivals. Some of the world’s biggest beer festivals include the following:


Oktoberfest is ranked as the biggest beer festival globally. This popular drinking event is held in Munich, Germany. The event attracts a crowd of about six million people who ingest about seven million liters of beer. In this German festival, people are also served tasty German meals. Attendees wear traditional Bavarian costumes. The popularity of this festival has resulted in German nationals in other countries holding the Oktoberfest in their countries of residence, such as Brazil, Vietnam, and Hong Kong.

Great British Beer Festival

When you hear the name Biggest Pub in the World, the talk is about the Great British Beer Festival. The beer event is held annually in the first days of August. The occasion is held at the Olympia Grand and Olympia National which is spacious enough to host about 60,000 beer fans. Apart from drinking, guests get all forms of entertainment, including live performances and pub games.

Great American Beer Festival

The Great American Beer Festival runs for three days consecutively each year. There are several brands of beer produced by 450 breweries in the country. The wide range of beers compete in this event. There are 100 judges to gauge the beers available. To get an experience of this event, visit Denver in September.


ConstatterVolksfest is ranked as the world’s second-largest beer festival. It is held in Stuttgart from the last week of September to the first week of October. The two-week beer-drinking event attracts a huge number of beer lovers from various countries. It is a fun-filled event that hosts attractions such, as the world’s largest Ferris wheel.

Vermont’s Brewers Festival

Vermont’s Brewers Festival is one of a kind as it is an invite-only occasion. The Vermont city hosts this beer drinking event in July. As the drinking goes on, breweries present in the festival enlighten people on some of the processes involved in making their favorite drinks.

Brussels Beer Weekend

The Brussels Beer weekend is organized by the Belgian Brewers and the Knighthood of the Brewer’ Mash Staff. It is an annual drinking event that is held in September. There are about 225 different varieties of beers offered during the event. Some of the beers here are of ancient times, making the festival a unique one.

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