While taking beer at some pub or any other joint, you might have heard some confusing statements about the drink. Some myths can cause some beer lovers to quit drinking. This article will help you distinguish facts from misconceptions. Popular beer myths include:

Beer Is Best When Served Ice Cold

Based on what people see in ads, many of them think that beer is best when served at extremely low temperatures. This is not a fact since some beers are just as good when served at normal temperatures. Cold beers hinder your sense of taste.

Dark Beers Are Stronger

The color of a beer does not determine whether the beer is strong or light. Most people confuse dark beers to be strong in terms of alcohol content. This is a myth you should completely do away with.

Bottled Beer Is Superior to Canned Beer

This sentiment is incorrect since the beer is the same despite the type of container it comes in. In some cases, people prefer canned beer because they keep away light when compared to bottles.

Beer Is Bad for Your Health

Beer is not bad for someone health-wise. Instead, you should watch your drinking habits for it not to affect you. Excessive consumption may result increased body weight.

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