There are general facts about beer that are best known by beer lovers. While drinking the beer, they share some of these facts as they pass time. It is important to know the specifics about a drink you love. Some of these facts include the following:

Ingredients Used to Make Beer

Four main things are used to make beer, namely, yeast, hops, barley, and water. The specific type of beer– ale, stout, lager, or pilsner, will determine the ration in which these ingredients are mixed during brewing. Some beer brands also have flavors added. Knowing this fact places you in a better position than others who don’t.

During Fermentation, Beer Becomes Alcoholic

The alcohol in beer comes up as a result of some scientific reactions caused by yeast. The yeast consumes all the sugar in the malt and, in turn, produces carbon dioxide and alcohol. It has to take place for a specific duration to achieve the beer desired quality.

Beers Should Not Be Judged Based on Their Color

Some beer lovers tend to judge the strength of a drink by its color. This is not right since some dark drinks are light while some of those light in color could be strong drinks.

Beer Goes Well with Food

Beer lovers know that when drinking, they have to eat well. Drinking on an empty stomach may lead to some awful occurrences. Also, the choice of ingredients used to prepare food should be guided by the beer you are drinking.

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